The Unveiling of the World’s Largest Jet Engine

Recently, Boeing made an announcement that a brand-new plane, the 777X would be joining the ever-growing Boeing family. The 777X will be the worlds largest and most dynamic twin-jet engine in the world. The performance of the 777X will be unmatched by any other existing plane. The plane is expected to have oversized windows, a wider cabin enhanced architecture. To power such a massive plane, Boeing has teamed up with GE to get the job done.

The GE9X is the biggest jet engine produced to date, with composite fans that are more than 11 ft. in diameter. The GE9X jet engine has been undergoing round-the-clock testing and is now entering the final phases of FAA certification, with actual test flight being the next step in the process.

Currently, the GE9X is being tested on Boeing’s 747-400 to allow GE to evaluate the engines performance compared to established engines. The massive GE9X aircraft engine will be supported by custom made 19- foot strut adaptors to angle the engine 5 degrees higher to make ground clearance. The biggest concern currently is for ground operations regarding clearance.

The aircrafts wings will be designed with an upwards bow, making taking off and landing GE hopes to have the engine completed by early next year so that Boeing can get started on test flight. The final release for the 777X is set for early 2019. The initial GE9X was first fired up in 2016, since then 2 others have been created and undergone testing in several different locations. Once finally released, the GE9X will make history for being the largest jet engine to ever fly.

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