Circular connectors are multi-pin electrical connectors with contacts that help electrical devices transmit electrical signals and data. Designed to withstand vigorous wear and tear, these connectors have a circular interface and housing that enables rapid connection and disconnection from power supplies, optical circuits, and signals. The best part is that, with circular connectors, this can be done without using any coupling tools. Now that we have introduced you to circular connectors, allow us to enlighten you with 5 important things that you must know about them.

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When people see a networking switch, they may think it is a router at first. While a switch and a router both are network devices that can connect multiple computers together to the internet through the modem, they serve different functions in how they connect and manage data. While a router connects various networks on a single connection, a switch is more of a bridge in which multiple computers are connected together onto a single network. Therefore a router connects multiple networks and a switch connects computers to a single network. Switches usually benefit large networks in which many systems are connected through LAN. A Fiber Optic Switch in particular is a special type that allows for a connected network that runs on fiber optic technology.

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Cliff Electronics is a leading manufacturer in not only connector parts, but electronic parts. They are recognized throughout the industry as one of the companies to follow due to their constant improvements. One of the biggest changes they have recently made with their connectors, is in the design and functions. They have made their product a simpler and more pleasing unit to look at while remaining the needed size.

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