Aircraft Wheel and Brake Assembly Maintenance

The wheel and brake assembly is one of the most crucial elements of a typical aircraft, ensuring that they are able to takeoff, land, and otherwise operate on ground surfaces during and between flight operations. With the immense weight of aircraft and the speeds that they land at, wheels and brakes are regularly faced with intensive amounts of stress that result in ample wear and tear over time. While the brakes and wheels of aircraft far surpass the quality and capability of those found on typical automobiles, they will still eventually break down and fail, necessitating regular inspection and maintenance to maintain health and integrity. To ensure that you can properly care for your aircraft tires and brake assembly components, we will discuss important things to know when you are preparing to conduct MRO processes.

When planning to carry out inspection and maintenance for the brake assembly of an aircraft, it is first important to consider what class of aircraft you are operating. This is because some aircraft like general aviation models will be devoid of parts like pumps, hydraulic systems, and anti lock components found in larger types. Prior to beginning an inspection, you should always utilize owners manuals and vetted checklists to ensure that you have an idea of what parts you may need to inspect to ensure that everything is attended to. Some aircraft may even also have two separate brake systems for differential braking, furthering the importance of knowing your assembly.

Tires also come in a number of types, though the maintenance of such assemblies generally follows the same basic set of steps and tips. On a daily basis or before the first flight of the day when tires are still cool, it is important to check inflation pressure as changes may result from heat that builds up during standard operations. If pressure needs to be adjusted, always use nitrogen to add pressure as it does not have the ignition hazards of oxygen and will reduce overall wear and internal degradation. Utilizing calibrated gauges to measure pressure is important so that you can prevent unequal amounts across tires, that of which may lead to more load being placed on one.

Beyond issues with pressure, the materials of tires will also face wear and tear with the friction, skidding, and other forces that occur during the braking process. There are many things to look out for when inspecting tire assemblies, but the most common issues that will require a repair or full replacement include low tread levels, uneven wear, tread cuts that exceed manufacturer specifications, bulges, sidewall damage, fraying, groove cracking, flat spots, indentations, inadequate clearances, and excessive rubbing. While some issues can be fixed with something like realignment or rebalancing, some will necessitate replacing the assembly due to the hazards that wear can cause if issues are left unattended to.

If you choose to rely on an MRO facility for your repair and maintenance needs, it can be useful to shop around to find a reputable service provider that can get your aircraft up and running again for a reasonable price. Additionally, having a reliable distributor for all your part replacement needs can also save you time and money. Luckily for you, we at Aerospace Orbit can treat you to competitive pricing and rapid lead times on over 2 billion items, ensuring that you always get exactly what you need with ease. Take the time to search our massive set of offerings as you see fit, and our team is always ready to assist you through the purchasing process with customized quotes for your comparisons. Experience our hands-off approach to procurement today when you get in touch with one of our team members!


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