The Brief about Mounted Bearings and Their Types

Bearings are important machine elements, allowing for friction to be reduced between parts in an assembly. Additionally, bearings may also facilitate desired motions between two or more moving objects, allowing for the constraint of relative motion. As such, bearings can provide a number of functionalities depending on their type, and their use includes implementation on aircraft, marine vessels, hardware assemblies, and much more. In this blog, we will discuss the mounted bearing specifically, which is a type of bearing that includes its own mounting unit.

When there is an application that requires additional Bearing Support or a user needs assistance in installation, one may use a mounted bearing assembly. With the bearing’s mounted parts, housing is provided to remove the need for assembling multiple components. Furthermore, mounted bearings are capable of withstanding radial and thrust loads, making them beneficial for a number of applications. Based on the installation in question, one may utilize various mounted bearing types, and these include the pillow block, flanged bearing, take-up bearing, and hanger bearing.

The pillow block bearing, also known as a plummer block, is the most common type of mount bearing assembly. Generally, pillow block bearings feature a mounting base plane that is perpendicular to the shaft of the unit, and the shaft is parallel to the bolt holes. As such, pillow block bearing mounted parts may be used on a variety of sloped surfaces, or those that are vertical or horizontal. To manufacture a mount bearing assembly, a housing and insert bearing are combined, and split housing and standard-duty types are available depending on the need of the assembly.

When the bearing’s mounted parts need to be attached to a shaft axis that is perpendicular to the mounting surface of the bearing, a flange bearing type may be used. Such mounted bearing assemblies come in two-bolt and four-bolt designs, and they provide optimal mounting and support for their application. Within heavy applications, the four-bolt design excels due to its large inner ring and solid base. Meanwhile, smaller two-bolt flange bearings may be used for lighter applications, and they are known as flangettes.

For belt tightening and centering the distance between shafts, the take-up bearing may be used. With a basic screw mechanism, the pressure and tension of the bearing mount can be adjusted, and a guide frame allows for correct installation. As such, take-up bearings are often used for conveyor belts and tracks, aligning them and ensuring belt tension is maintained.

With a hanger bearing, screw conveyors may have support provided to their shafts. Typical hanger bearings are composed of a split Roller bearing insert that is placed within a housing, and the assembly allows for suspension from the screw conveyor. By utilizing plastics, woods, or irons, bearings can provide optimal support when paired with continuous lubrication. When the bearing component becomes worn, the insert may be replaced to ensure continued use. Hanger bearing components are also available in a variety of styles, each offering different noise and power capabilities to function well in normal and heavy-duty applications.

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