Helicopter and Turbine Engine Parts List

Are you searching for part ZTN97, ZTN85, ZTN77, ZTN742, ZTN128 of V5 Analog Line Circuit Boards, V10 Service Circuit Board, V5 Loop Start Trunk Cir. Board, Analog Line Circuit Boards, Call Processor Circuit Board for supported model At&T, Harvard Industr, As350ba, Bell 206, N/A? Aerospace Orbit, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, has the parts in stock and ready to ship out. Our inventory contains billions of new and obsolete parts applicable within the aerospace and defense industries.

All of our parts are quality-tested and up to industry standard. ASAP is the only independent distributor with a NO CHINA SOURCING policy. We offer our customers short lead times and some of the fastest shipping time in the industry. We are an AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015, and FAA 0056B accredited company. Submit an RFQ to receive a response within 15 minutes.

    Part No Supported Model Description Condition RFQ
    ZTN97 AT&T v5 analog line circuit boards AR RFQ
    ZTN85 AT&T v10 service circuit board AR RFQ
    ZTN77 AT&T v5 loop start trunk cir. board AR RFQ
    ZTN742 AT&T analog line circuit boards AR RFQ
    ZTN128 AT&T call processor circuit board AR RFQ
    ZTN127C AT&T v1 memory circuit board AR RFQ
    Y92NM-02 HARVARD INDUSTR nut,self-locking,he NS RFQ
    Y51BB10843S2M74 AS350BA swashplate brng OH RFQ
    Y370 6IN BELL 206 scotchfoam 6in NE RFQ
    XT-618T N/A cap air NE RFQ
    XT-618 N/A cap air NE RFQ
    XS51162 BELL 206 plug button AR RFQ
    XP6H N/A part NE RFQ
    XM83723/75R0803 BELL 206L1 plug connector NE RFQ
    X-11-1-1632-8 PIONEER AEROSPA harness,personnel parachu NS RFQ
    WS-295 AVIONICS electronic siren amplifier -53 AR RFQ
    WO6 N/A lock washer NE RFQ
    WO-9 N/A part NE RFQ
    WHEEL,CASTER N/A wheel,caster NS RFQ
    WC162A CEF INDUSTRIES control assy NS RFQ
    WA7797 JT9D adapter lift SV RFQ
    W12 HUGHES 300 washer(saew12/ms19070-121) NE RFQ
    W02AR HUGHES 500 lockwash t/r AR RFQ
    W02 HUGHES 300 lockwash t/r gear box NE RFQ
    VSF7403S HUGHES 300 regulator AR RFQ
    VP170KH HUGHES 500 cells NE RFQ
    VM202RS485 NORTH ATLANTIC voltmeter AR RFQ
    VM202BRT NORTH ATLANTIC voltmeter phase ang SV RFQ
    VA-1887 MORLAND VALVE parts kit,ball valve NS RFQ
    V8515 250C30/40/47 spring, helical, compression AR RFQ
    V8503 250C30/40/47 plunger AR RFQ
    V5611 250C30/40/47 seat AR RFQ
    V5013-172 250C30/40/47 nameplate, cover AR RFQ
    V5002 250C30/40/47 seal, disk AR RFQ
    V5000-135-E 250 valve see p/n 6894063 SV RFQ
    V3920 250C30/40/47 body, valve, fuel shutoff AR RFQ
    V29105-02 VALCOR ENGINEER coil assembly NS RFQ
    V113-3 250C30/40/47 name plate, cover AR RFQ
    UR112CD BELL retainer NE RFQ
    UR-325BX BELL 206 retainer NE RFQ
    UNKNOWN PT6T-3B electrical harness disconnects AR RFQ
    UB100T8-07 N/A rivet blind SV RFQ
    UA534149-21 PARKER-HANNIFAN cooler,hydraulic oil,aircraft AR RFQ
    U537853 TRIUMPH THERMAL heat exchange channel assembly NE RFQ
    U537845 TRIUMPH THERMAL flange bracket assembly NE RFQ
    U537843 TRIUMPH THERMAL center post NE RFQ
    U534711 F100PW100 valve,oil cooler NS RFQ
    U-204736 TRANSICOIL INC motor,control NS RFQ
    TURN TABLES N/A turn tables w/sc SV RFQ
    TUR.KIT SM C28 250 tur. inst. kit sm. c28 NE RFQ
    TUR.KIT LG C28 250 tur.inst. kit lg c28 NE RFQ
    TOOLS N/A measuring SV RFQ
    TLV10-5-10 N/A taper lock / stsag003v05an10 NE RFQ
    TL523-5-19 HUCK INTL INC pin-rivet,threaded NS RFQ
    TL230-5-14 N/A pin-rivet,threaded NS RFQ
    TL100AX5 EURO2005 fastener NE RFQ
    TH163 BELL contact positioner,terminal cr NS RFQ
    TH0304-1373-003 HARRIS CORP backplane assembly NS RFQ
    TF58000-6 ARGO-TECH CORP pump OH RFQ
    TF58000-4 N/A pump fuel booster OH RFQ
    TF3518-2 ARGO-TECH CORP housing,seal NS RFQ
    TF33-P9 TF33-P9 engine AR RFQ
    TF-58000-6 ARGO-TECH CORP fuel pump booster pump NE RFQ
    T64-GE-6B T64-GE-6B engine, turboshaft, t64 AR RFQ
    T58-GE-100 GE engine gas turbine AR RFQ
    T56 A426 T56 engine assy AR RFQ
    T53-L11D LYCOMING engine AR RFQ
    T53-L0-I0066-9 LYCOMING insert AR RFQ
    T53-L0-I0066-7 LYCOMING insert AR RFQ
    T53-L0-I0066-5 LYCOMING insert AR RFQ
    T53-L0-I0066-3 LYCOMING insert AR RFQ
    T53-L0-I0066-1 LYCOMING insert AR RFQ
    T405993 F100-SE spin tool AR RFQ
    T282 N/A tool,lapping stem g NS RFQ
    T280 N/A tool,seat lapping s NS RFQ
    T230 CAP PLUGS cap plug tapered NE RFQ
    T101530-3 BELL 206 tool assy AR RFQ
    T101530-29 BELL 206 stud SV RFQ
    T101530-27 BELL 206 stud SV RFQ
    T101530-25 BELL 206 base AR RFQ
    T101530-23 BELL 206 tool base assy AR RFQ
    T101-356 BELL 206 build-up plate NS RFQ
    T019821 BAE SYSTEMS wrench,open end NS RFQ
    T-964A CAP PLUGS cap NE RFQ
    T-9 CAP PLUGS taper plug NE RFQ
    T-8 CAP PLUGS taper plug NE RFQ
    T-7 CAP PLUGS taper plug NE RFQ
    T-6 CAP PLUGS taper plug NE RFQ
    T-57A CAP PLUGS cap NE RFQ
    T-53L13BA LYCOMING miscellaneous parts AR RFQ
    T-230 STAR SALES cap plug NE RFQ
    T-17 CAP PLUGS cap NE RFQ
    T-16 CAP PLUGS taper plug NE RFQ
    T-15 CAP PLUGS taper plug NE RFQ
    T-14X CAP PLUGS taper plug NE RFQ
    T-14 CAP PLUGS taper plug NE RFQ
    T-13 CAP PLUGS taper plug NE RFQ
    T-12 CAP PLUGS taper plug NE RFQ
    T-1080 CAP PLUGS cap NE RFQ
    T-1052 CAP PLUGS cap NE RFQ
    T-102 N/A indicator,dial NS RFQ
    T-10 CAP PLUGS taper plug NE RFQ
    T 101865 BELL 222 lock flap m/r NE RFQ
    SWE8100 WAUKESHA BEARIN multiplier,torque wrench SV RFQ
    SWE19601 JT9D turb shaft nut AR RFQ
    SW40352-22 BELL 206 light float test NE RFQ
    SV61M0-400-0 VOSS AEROSPACE coupling,clamp,grooved NS RFQ
    STSBG000A08D027 WESCO AIRCRAFT bolt,close tolerance NS RFQ
    STSAE017-10 HI-SHEAR CORP. see hs15-10 for qty (alts) NE RFQ
    STSA6003V05AN10 N/A part NE RFQ
    STD3061-12 LYCOMING bolt AR RFQ
    STD3018K11 EURO-2005 lockwasher NE RFQ
    STD3018K10 N/A lockwasher NE RFQ
    STD2018K10 BELL 222 lockwasher NE RFQ
    STAG003V05AN10 N/A taper lock / tlv10-5-10 NE RFQ
    ST984594104 HONEYWELL microcircuit,digital NS RFQ
    ST2161-12 J52-P408 nut, 6 pt AR RFQ
    ST2091-042 F100-200 plug AR RFQ
    ST2003-04 F100-200 fitting AR RFQ
    ST136ML5-46 KORRY ELECTRONI light,indicator NS RFQ
    ST1183-10 J52-P408 nut AR RFQ
    ST11559 ARRIEL1B hose fuel OH RFQ
    ST1050-236 J52 packing NS RFQ
    ST1050-129 J52 packing NS RFQ
    ST1000-027 F100-220/E o-ring NS RFQ
    SSCY59995 J85 seal air, aircraft g SV RFQ
    SSCY48213662 TF34 seal, metallic, aircr AR RFQ
    SSCY1116060 T700/F404GE400 carbon seal kit NS RFQ
    SSCY1114615 T700, CT7,CT700 seal assembly, match NS RFQ
    SSCY1113660 TF34-100/A -400 seal assembly, match NS RFQ
    SSCY111323 STEIN SEAL CO seal assembly, match NS RFQ
    SSC-25-168 CONTROL ENGINEE truck stock selector SV RFQ
    SSC-20-180 N/A stock selector SV RFQ
    SS7561-13 250 clamp, loop AR RFQ
    SS7561-11 250 clamp, loop AR RFQ
    SS5086C06S SIKORSKY AIRCRA nut,self-locking,do NS RFQ
    SR30CR KALMAR AC truck, fork lift SV RFQ
    SR270B142 PIPER rectifier NE RFQ
    SPRAY BOOTH N/A acoustical 12x10 SV RFQ
    SPD70150-001-11 CONTAINER RESEA cushion,contour,container NS RFQ
    SP-18 N/A roll pin NE RFQ
    SME-889030 JOINT ELECTRONI battery charger nickle cadmium SV RFQ
    SM20ACD200A21 BELL contactor AR RFQ
    SM-D-850254 SPECIALTY RUBBE cushion,top NS RFQ
    SL61W9F HUGHES 500 washer NE RFQ
    SL61W7 HUGHES 500 lockwash t/r box NE RFQ
    SL61W12F HUGHES 500 locking ring NE RFQ
    SL61W11F HUGHES washer lock NE RFQ
    SL61N12F HUGHES 300 washer lock NE RFQ
    SL50-5ASP6 BELL nut NE RFQ
    SL50-4ASP5 BELL nut NE RFQ
    SL2751-35 N/A mount NE RFQ
    SL12892 N/A part NE RFQ
    SK2500C-564-484 UNKNOWN bushing NS RFQ
    SJ3283 BELL 206L1 fastener NE RFQ
    SJ-150 LANDA parts washer water AR RFQ
    SI1065-10-5 N/A ring NE RFQ
    SHJZX BELL seal repair kit NE RFQ
    SH12X12-2.5-511 TF30-P412/P412A heater, blanket, engi NS RFQ
    SH12-11 F-111 support,tubing NS RFQ
    SH-JZX BELL 206 service kit NE RFQ
    SGT-520-6 N/A dampener AR RFQ
    SG-43 CARBIDE TOOLS F file,rotary NS RFQ
    SCL8AB40 LOCKWELL pin (see ms17984c840) NE RFQ
    SC628P BELL 206 horn AR RFQ
    SC628 BELL 206 buzzer AR RFQ
    SC113245-1 250-C30 shaft, seal AR RFQ
    SB12532 N/A rivet NE RFQ
    SAZ-4401 250 relay AR RFQ
    SAEW12 HUGHES 300 washer (see ms19070-121/w12) NE RFQ
    SA340TS N/A siren AR RFQ
    S9413-579 CESSNA packing NE RFQ
    S9413-212 N/A packing NE RFQ
    S9413-124 CESSNA packing NE RFQ
    S9413-119 CESSNA o-ring NE RFQ
    S9413-114 CESSNA packing NE RFQ
    S9413-112 CESSNA packing NE RFQ
    S9413-037 CESSNA o-ring NE RFQ
    S9413-032 N/A packing NE RFQ
    S9413-028 N/A packing NE RFQ
    S9413-020 N/A packing NE RFQ
    S9413-018 CESSNA packing NE RFQ
    S9413-016 N/A packing NE RFQ
    S9413-013 CESSNA packing NE RFQ
    S9412-613 AVIALL o ring NE RFQ
    S9412-558 AVIALL o ring NE RFQ
    S9412-556 AVIALL o ring NE RFQ
    S9412-555 N/A o ring NE RFQ
    S9412-553 N/A o ring NE RFQ
    S9412-538 N/A o ring NE RFQ
    S9412-536 N/A o ring NE RFQ
    S9412-524 N/A o ring NE RFQ
    S8834B1P C-141A/B data plate AR RFQ
    S8157N242-005 GRIMES WALKER shim NE RFQ
    S65-8282-25 AVIONICS antenna AR RFQ
    S6420-67486-044 SIKORSKY latch pin assembly (crew door) NS RFQ
    S6170-35428 H-3 removal tool SV RFQ

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