How Things Works-Evacuation Slides an Emergency Escape

Often now the aircraft safety videos are disregarded. This may be because aircrafts today have become so much safer than ever before and customers do not see the importance of them. The statistics of aircraft fatalities have decreased every year. As a matter of fact, the U.S. had zero aircraft fatalities in 2017. Since airline safety has become very stringent we may think less and less about what to do in case of an emergency some may believe the burden lies on the airline and not the customers. However, it is useful to know how the evacuation process works in the next time you are on your flight.

To start, it is good to know every commercial aircraft has an emergency evacuation slide now. Aircrafts have become much safer as they have become a very prominent mode of transportation as thousands of domestic and international flights, fly every single day. But it is good to know what happens in the case of an emergency.

First off, when the door is closing for take off the pilot speaks over the speaker to the cabin crew saying, “Doors to automatic and cross check”. This means to put the doors in automatic mode. Meaning when you are in an aircraft emergency, the evacuation slide will deploy automatically. Then the opposite is announced when landing “Doors to manual”. In the case of an emergency, slides will deploy automatically as the aircraft doors open, however if they are on the manual setting the slides will not deploy without further actions. The inflation process takes about 6 seconds. The goal is for all passengers must be able to leave the cabin in less than 90 seconds. Most slides can serve as a raft now except on certain aircrafts. The raft is very useful in the case that there is a emergency landing overseas.


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