Circular Connectors & 5 Things to Know About Them

Circular connectors are multi-pin electrical connectors with contacts that help electrical devices transmit electrical signals and data. Designed to withstand vigorous wear and tear, these connectors have a circular interface and housing that enables rapid connection and disconnection from power supplies, optical circuits, and signals. The best part is that, with circular connectors, this can be done without using any coupling tools. Now that we have introduced you to circular connectors, allow us to enlighten you with 5 important things that you must know about them.

1. Customized, Ergonomic, and Hybrid Solutions

Manufacturers of circular connectors around the world have now started offering highly customized connectors that can perform varying roles as a single device, due to a constantly increasing need for combining various functions. By doing this, customers can take advantage of highly durable, ergonomic, and sophisticated solutions packed into one, single connector system.

Some of the benefits of doing so include more technological possibilities, more resource efficiency, and increased networking capabilities. With all features in one place, handling circular connectors becomes easier and it helps in saving time and avoiding errors and faults. Additionally, using hybrid connectors helps customers in executing all tasks with a smaller footprint.

2. Miniaturization Has Seen a Continuous Growth

Whether it is about the size of the connectors or the electronics, the miniaturization of circular connectors as a trend has been around for years and is here to stay for decades ahead. The overall vision is to install more electronics in as little space as possible. Oftentimes, questions like "What is the smallest, most feasible size possible?" and "What is the maximum number of contacts that can be consolidated in the connector?" are being asked in the industry. Questions such as these are helping connector manufacturers and innovators worldwide to broaden their horizon and push the limits of technology.

3. Data Usage and Transfers Rates Are Increasing

Needless to say, there is a massive amount of data being transmitted across cities, towns, and even countries. To address the growing need for information and demands for speed, high-speed data transmission is imperative, and this requirement is no longer limited to server rooms or offices.

When looking for the right circular connector, you must consider things like its throughput, quality, and most importantly, the amount of data it can transmit without any interference or loss. With advancements in technology, it is now possible for manufacturers to provide more mating cycles, great data transmission, and more flexibility packed in small size components.

4. The Rise of Application-Specific Solutions

Circular connectors have to function seamlessly and perform well under harsh conditions like high-pressure tightness and, in medical scenarios, need to match the EN 60601-1-3 standard. As a matter of fact, they do function flawlessly in such scenarios. Hence, customers can rely on circular connectors as a complete solution that is provided from one source.

Customer-specific, customized connectors are tailor-made to meet the special requests and requirements of customers. This may or may not include cable assembly, crimping technology, soldering, and EMC-compliant solutions. No matter what the requirement is, many manufacturers happily provide tailor-made, integrated solutions to customers.

5. The Growing Need for Modern Solutions & Secure Connections

Circular connectors are, in a way, modular solutions that provide customers with a luxury of choice in terms of parameters, like their number of contacts, fittings, and size. Not just for housing, numerous possibilities are also available for the inner working of these connectors due to the advancements in their technology. In addition, modular connector solutions are capable of attaining a highly secure connection and are perfectly appropriate for various specific applications.


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