Electrical Motor Bearings and their Applications

Electrical motors are a necessary power source for countless applications throughout a wide range of industries. Like any motor, Electrical Motors need bearings to facilitate smooth, quiet, and efficient rotation while addressing critical needs such as high load capacity, long life spans, and low running noise, all of which are important qualities in a bearing. Not only is it important to use high-quality bearings, but as they are the driving force for a variety of applications, identifying the right bearing for a specific application is equally critical. There are seven main types of bearings found in electric motors. This blog will explain each of them, their unique characteristics, and some of their applications.

The first type of electrical motor bearing is the angular contact bearing. These bearings are used to withstand high axial loads. Their main benefits are their ability to operate efficiently at high speeds, and their versatility of design. Angular contact bearings have both single and double row capabilities as well as numerous cage designs. The next type of bearing is cylindrical roller bearings. This Type of bearing handles severe radial loads and operates efficiently in both high and medium speeds. Like angular contact bearings, cylindrical roller bearings offer an array of design configurations. They are used in out of balance motors and traction motors.

A third type of bearing, deep groove ball bearings, have many uses. They run quietly and efficiently, making them good for high speed operations. In addition to high speeds, they can withstand moderate axial and radial loads. Deep groove ball bearings can be pre-lubricated with shields and seals and are effective even in contaminated environments. Because of their versatility, Ball bearings are used in a myriad of applications such as AC and DC motors, brushless motors, stepper motors, actuators, c-frame motors, linear motors, piston motors, radial motors, Motor and Drives. Electrically insulated bearings are protected from passage of electrical currents. They are interchangeable with standard bearings, and feature insulation coating for both their inner and outer rings.

The next two types of bearings are more Roller Bearings: needle roller bearings and spherical roller bearings. Needle roller bearings have high load carrying capacities and come in a wide variety of types. A unique characteristic of needle rollers is their ability to withstand oscillation with greater rigidity. This type of bearing is used in DC motors, actuators, gear motors, radial motors and vane motors. Spherical roller bearings are perhaps the toughest bearings, and are able to withstand the harshest environments and operating conditions. These are self-aligning, and good for low to medium speed applications. Spherical roller bearings are typically found in traction motors.

The final type of bearing found in electrical motors is tapered roller bearings. These bearings accept both thrust and radial loads and offer sealing capabilities. Tapered roller bearings are ideal for demanding operation applications. Identifying the right bearing for your needs is the first step in the purchasing process. No matter what type you need, getting your electrical motor bearings from a trusted source is always a smart choice. For your electrical motor bearing needs, look no further than Aerospace Orbit.

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