Boeing Marks 737 Max Anniversary with 130-Strong Fleet

Boeing recently passed their one-year anniversary of the 737 Max. Their anniversary has been supported by a large, in-service fleet that has satisfied the promises for improved fuel efficiency while also fighting problems normally faced with new aircrafts. The Boeing Company delivered one-hundred thirty aircrafts that represent two versions of the 737 Max in its first 12 months of delivery to Lion Air’s subsidiary that is based in Malaysia. It is speculated that delivery could have been higher, but CFM International, the engine supplier for the 737 Max fell a few weeks behind on a scheduled ramp-up of Leap-1B engine production.

The one-hundred thirty deliveries of the 737 Max within just one year is double the delivery of the A32neo family that Airbus Group delivered to customers over its first year of operation. Airbus also faced issues with supplier production shortfalls, which involved cabin interiors and backload for the Pratt and Whitney PW1100G engine. As of now, the twenty-eight Max operators have logged almost 120,00 hours on almost 42,000 flights. The operators carried 6.5 million passengers.

The 737 Max family faces a high expectation for reliability, as the experienced 737NG series operates with a 99.7% mission dispatch rate. Boeing vice-president Randy Tinseth notes however that minor issues are bound to be faced in the beginning. Boeing’s fleet now hold a 99.4% mission dispatch rate, which is projected to improve to 99.7% by the end of this year.

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November 1, 2018

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