AVX Showcases Their New Accu-L® Series Thin Film Chip Inductors

AVX Corporation is a worldwide electronics components business with warehouses and manufactures in 40 countries around the globe. AVX is known for creating well researched, impeccably tested and top of the line electronic parts. Their newest product line is an Accu-L inductor that is specifically built to supplement automobiles, by synching up the power applications to make the car run in the most effective manner.

The draw of this new product is the power that hides within their tiny size. Their small size (which comes in two options, 0402 and 0805) packs a punch and makes them one of the most accurate thin film chip inductors on the market. They can handle temperatures ranging from -67 degrees Fahrenheit all the way up to 257 degrees Fahrenheit.

Each inductor is compatible with either flexible circuit module parts or full alumina circuit boards. You do have to keep in mind how you handle these bad boys though. They must be picked up and moved around with plastic tipped tweezers (no metal!) or by using a vacuum seal apparatus that carefully picks up a piece with suction and places it down in its new location. You can assure that each unit has been tested over and over again, to ensure that it meets all of the company and industry standards. These tests include frequency tests, humidity, testing how long the product will last in a vehicle and even visual tests to make sure the product looks the way it should.


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