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    CAGE Code Lookup of NSN Manufacturers Page 31

    K0978 K0991 K0993 K0997 K0999 K0F58 K0F72 K0F74
    K0F76 K0F84 K0F85 K0F98 K1004 K1006 K1010 K1012
    K1016 K1017 K1020 K1021 K1030 K1037 K1046 K1057
    K1066 K1072 K1076 K1078 K1089 K1090 K1096 K1100
    K1110 K1126 K1143 K1149 K1156 K1159 K1172 K1182
    K1183 K1206 K1257 K1279 K1286 K1294 K1310 K1313
    K1324 K1357 K1390 K1392 K1393 K1401 K1423 K1447
    K1464 K1474 K1479 K1488 K1499 K1522 K1536 K1578
    K1601 K1605 K1615 K1636 K1659 K1672 K1674 K1678
    K1736 K1749 K1763 K1793 K1815 K1838 K1866 K1872
    K1935 K1938 K1939 K1945 K1953 K1959 K1987 K1F16
    K1F70 K1F82 K2171 K2182 K2184 K2234 K2263 K2306
    K2323 K2383 K2449 K2454 K2477 K2479 K2504 K2509
    K2510 K2523 K2555 K2562 K2604 K2709 K2760 K2786
    K2852 K2861 K2892 K2962 K2980 K2F10 K2F16 K2F26
    K2F73 K2F88 K2F89 K3010 K3060 K3070 K3105 K3210
    K3259 K3297 K3298 K3303 K3329 K3335 K3434 K3456
    K3464 K3470 K3488 K3547 K3558 K3577 K3602 K3638
    K3649 K3731 K3732 K3733 K3743 K3750 K3767 K3784
    K3800 K3833 K3854 K3879 K3891 K3893 K3902 K3919
    K3921 K3926 K3976 K3992 K3F05 K3F74 K3F89 K4056
    K4076 K4084 K4103 K4122 K4182 K4184 K4206 K4226
    K4234 K4241 K4244 K4263 K4269 K4285 K4340 K4342
    K4358 K4359 K4365 K4385 K4413 K4466 K4491 K4536
    K4547 K4556 K4605 K4629 K4642 K4649 K4661 K4668
    K4701 K4704 K4733 K4825 K4843 K4860 K4914 K4922
    K4944 K4975 K4998 K4F62 K5004 K5070 K5086 K5137
    K5163 K5184 K5206 K5245 K5261 K5264 K5269 K5271
    K5294 K5319 K5331 K5333 K5435 K5436 K5447 K5459
    K5476 K5515 K5519 K5524 K5533 K5548 K5579 K5614
    K5667 K5673 K5682 K5728 K5743 K5756 K5790 K5835
    K5852 K5918 K5943 K5975 K5981 K5F23 K5F35 K5F65
    K5F70 K5F81 K5F98 K6036 K6111 K6134 K6135 K6197
    K6220 K6243 K6255 K6265 K6287 K6299 K6367 K6391
    K6430 K6437 K6451 K6459 K6511 K6539 K6570 K6596
    K6608 K6619 K6647 K6652 K6658 K6659 K6709 K6723
    K6758 K6769 K6775 K6794 K6808 K6830 K6886 K6894
    K6941 K6979 K6989 K6F01 K6F05 K7000 K7005 K7018
    K7028 K7034 K7068 K7093 K7178 K7182 K7242 K7253
    K7284 K7303 K7304 K7312 K7325 K7334 K7344 K7391
    K7394 K7430 K7513 K7548 K7575 K7599 K7609 K7626
    K7675 K7705 K7735 K7750 K7764 K7766 K7776 K7785
    K7810 K7837 K7848 K7867 K7926 K7928 K7986 K8000
    K8027 K8081 K8082 K8084 K8097 K8098 K8124 K8253
    K8295 K8322 K8401 K8420 K8434 K8455 K8473 K8482
    K8499 K8516 K8528 K8622 K8633 K8688 K8727 K8744
    K8745 K8753 K8767 K8827 K8837 K8844 K8857 K8864
    K8879 K8884 K8990 K8996 K8997 K8F72 K8F73 K8F95
    K9012 K9034 K9075 K9F82 KA042 KA044 KA069 KA098
    KA522 KA549 KA557 KA563 KA620 KA665 KA704 KA705
    KA764 KA776 KA780 KA819 KA886 KA989 KB018 KB194
    KB328 KB460 KB500 KB659 KB679 KB918 KB925 KB988
    KC041 KC050 KC184 KC1C9 KC1D0 KC1M9 KC1Y6 KC203
    KC205 KC2M9 KC2P8 KC2Y8 KC3S1 KC406 KC4A8 KC4B0
    KC566 KC598 KC5G2 KC5M2 KC647 KC6F9 KC6G3 KC6Y8
    KC761 KC7A1 KC875 KC8A3 KC8U1 KC951 KCA23 KCBR9
    KD0K4 KD137 KD176 KD1K6 KD1L9 KD1W2 KD1Z5 KD399
    KD3F4 KD409 KD4G7 KD550 KD710 KD786 KD792 KD872
    KD884 KD924 KE009 KE060 KE077 KE305 KE317 KF179
    KF183 KF257 KF581 KG173 KG295 KG610 KG673 KG800
    KG811 KH207 KK038 KK385 KK607 KK627 L0026 L0145
    L0183 L0297 L0323 L0376 L0563 L05Q2 L0782 L0865
    L1051 L1084 L2159 L2181 L2305 L2475 L2540 L2599
    L2798 L3245 L3277 L3330 L3370 L3371 L4186 L4438
    L4491 L4528 L5080 L5163 L5432 L5502 L5824 L5967
    L7141 L7321 L7906 L9040 L9215 N0002 N0049 N0061
    N0108 N0146 N0195 N0359 N0379 N0485 N0753 N0819
    N0897 N0982 N1016 N1137 N1240 N1365 N1428 N1452
    N1481 N1595 N2058 N2066 N2141 N2559 N2585 N2673
    N2852 N2911 N2962 N4277 N4528 N4599 P2283 Q0091
    Q2115 QB912 QC228 R0004 R0304 R0349 R0476 R0544
    R0560 R0567 R0594 R0729 R0996 R1026 R1080 R1120
    R1292 R1427 R1443 R1451 R1474 R1594 R2160 R2189
    R2723 R2766 R2923 R2934 R3249 R3323 R3583 R3598
    R3650 R3672 R3675 R3885 R3957 R4385 R5418 R5735
    S0001 S0123 S0144 S0172 S0181 S0189 S0208 S0213
    S0226 S0242 S0254 S0277 S0293 S0294 S0319 S0321
    S0349 S0352 S0356 S0482 S0522 S0540 S0545 S0554
    S0555 S0564 S0585 S0622 S0631 S0633 S3002 S3013
    S3073 S3077 S3087 S3090 S3118 S3120 S3123 S3151
    S3243 S3250 S3257 S3331 S3370 S3374 S3421 S3465
    S3482 S3526 S3530 S3531 S3556 S3562 S3629 S3632
    S3662 S3691 S3708 S3712 S3715 S3767 S3771 S3774
    S3863 S3890 S3934 S3946

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