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    CAGE Code Lookup of NSN Manufacturers Page 11

    1U339 1V389 21436 1STD8 1X278 1QS08 1X9X9 21444
    1VXL7 21317 1U2M9 1RMK9 20154 1W373 1X9G7 1U5W2
    1SDY4 1WPM6 1SBH3 1V8G8 1W383 1SH55 1UUH0 1XWY3
    1Y073 1ZH95 20117 1S4V8 1TNS3 1QLU8 1X5B4 1RB90
    1U3E8 21416 1UTD3 1RZM1 1TMY5 1Y7G8 1X922 1R0N6
    20750 20417 1T618 1SEA6 1SM79 1XA80 1T615 1V101
    1W121 1YXG8 1V757 1U965 1SUA7 1V443 1VZM7 1U749
    21340 1UJK6 1VN18 20857 1U4B5 1SWJ4 21153 1Y441
    20213 1W0M9 1XEH0 1RDZ1 1T765 20944 1TC81 1QXJ8
    1SJ80 1T1P0 1YRX6 1SDY7 1T566 1WY97 1QXJ9 1RTQ6
    1UW16 1R8M6 21441 1U696 1X0J7 21392 1R633 1U0N7
    1Y698 20076 1VP78 1U067 1R0B9 1R2W7 1R513 1T844
    1YBD4 20462 1QME2 1QYC9 1RY87 20183 1VZL8 1T9K5
    1V2T8 1T9N7 1XWH8 1X0L7 1S0M3 1RRL5 1XUY5 20806
    1UWX4 20078 20969 1U487 1V484 21170 1WB54 1TLZ4
    1U3H8 21004 21387 1W143 21066 1Z460 1W937 1R0V3
    20032 1T943 1V498 1QNQ0 1XJJ6 20950 1TGK4 1WFJ0
    1UQK4 1WRQ7 1Y041 1Z740 20913 20688 21268 1Y502
    21267 20828 1VBP1 1UX99 20361 1WWV3 1TLP3 1YVP7
    1S0M7 1U548 1V648 1R3C2 1SKF1 1QZK3 20886 1UJC3
    20494 1UAE7 1RGT9 1SBW3 21269 1X966 1U474 1ST85
    21347 21148 1U3R2 1XKR3 1VJB6 1TUY2 1RE78 1T422
    1UN95 1RVQ3 1TS27 1RBA3 1RFY1 1Y785 20149 21070
    1RPC3 1UNQ8 20038 1URU2 1YVV5 21226 1SF22 1XP50
    1X4B6 1W506 1Y9E8 1V2Y9 1Y875 1S3K0 1ZED2 1W654
    1T602 20452 20512 1ULF2 1RQ04 21149 1SMB2 1XH57
    1ZEE8 20441 1Y0W6 1S3R5 1S2Y9 1QMV6 1TZV3 1XRD5
    1Y128 1V176 1WSL8 1W8F8 1ULC1 21251 1VP93 1Y700
    1X0N9 1RK56 1ZKD0 1SQD9 1VD61 1UHB4 1Y636 1QTP5
    1R0J1 1U1C3 1SJ92 20940 1UGW9 20284 1ZJA6 1S857
    1VL45 20209 1TYT2 1XRW8 1WKR3 1UH41 1RHB2 21492
    1XCE7 1TBP6 1UKR4 1Z292 1VPW8 1Z328 1W816 1TE71
    1U5R5 1UVT5 1S6L1 1YF18 1SC69 1YQY0 1T9T6 1Y409
    1S287 20772 21102 1Y7C8 1YPB1 1UGP2 20145 1UXF5
    1R0D2 1VTZ9 1V630 1T0H9 21348 21363 1SUE5 1RBC4
    1RMW2 20874 1X0Q7 21353 1Y735 21022 1S417 1W902
    1Y0V6 1S3K7 1X916 20200 1SW31 1R983 1QW17 1XYZ4
    1XRQ4 1QNW6 1S534 1Y165 1S3Z0 21164 20723 1Z308
    1Z131 1W698 1TCB3 1ZK44 21355 1YHA8 1W987 1XE54
    1W505 1YZD8 1XVE4 1XVN6 1SV90 1UJL8 1TDD0 1VNY6
    1VBG8 1Y370 1R7A4 1T9Z5 21335 1VXY6 1Y818 21482
    1VJU2 1R4E4 1QUD6 1SRY1 1WPQ7 20227 1VVL9 1TAX1
    1SR57 1TT21 1T428 1QRQ4 1VQJ2 1S862 1Y6Y0 1V0P7
    1VXE4 1U947 1W006 1X3R4 1SE17 20234 1U621 1R3K1
    1WRE4 21424 1RH23 1T6K7 20263 1SLS5 1XY41 1RUZ5
    1SHA8 1ZEQ3 1RWE7 1X179 21242 1S2F4 1W328 21447
    20019 1T1B2 1YHH8 1TDN2 1V923 1V6F3 21390 1W2G0
    1TBR6 1UPD8 1Z458 1RJF6 1Y912 1UVW2 1R7H6 1SQM3
    1RCS4 1W337 21109 20999 1R8H6 1TLW8 1SHN6 1SWT0
    21031 1U777 20558 1R9D8 20236 1SG24 1TDV4 1ZF88
    20859 1U896 1SNY9 1WUJ0 1TUU8 1RNJ3 1RPH2 20070
    1XT68 1S3E3 1Z574 1X5Z9 1Y302 1T7S2 20984 1V911
    1Z309 20933 1XD27 1VAS5 1V0Q1 1S1W8 1SJC3 20604
    1Z496 1U7L5 1W8F9 1RVU0 1T1S8 1S654 1QXD6 1Y729
    1S409 20084 21290 1Y029 1SYQ5 1YVS6 1SDV3 1RKT3
    1UHL0 1VZC6 20982 1S7V4 21013 1THV8 1R1F1 1UVK8
    1R5G2 1W0E8 1XT10 21248 1Y921 1T4E6 1WMH4 1R2X5
    1VWD9 1U746 20286 21439 1T581 1VNH4 1V560 1S3K5
    1Y686 1R769 1UAV8 1YFN2 20954 1YK64 1QSP6 1YBA8
    1T549 20722 1RTJ5 1YDG5 1WMC5 1SL40 1S1E1 1SNR8
    21071 1S926 1UB81 1QL96 1XVU0 1U666 20932 1QP52
    1R6K1 21152 1QNM6 1T252 20093 21312 20598 1WX64
    1TFB1 1R816 1SPX1 1WZJ9 1QP40 1V8H5 20796 1VUR1
    1S3F8 1UHA8 1TY37 1V633 1YDB8 20162 1TEU4 1RQX4
    1S1Q8 1QVJ5 1W3P6 1QTD9 1QNZ3 1Z322 1QRJ3 1R993
    1U671 1Y630 1ZEZ9 1XEZ6 1WS43 1S2Q8 1U0E6 1SPJ9
    20641 20219 1Y091 20418 1S6F6 1YGB8 1V332 21305
    1UJ79 1VBY9 1Y6W8 1TGB8 1RDT0 1S953 1U7M4 1SCA4
    1VCN7 1U2V5 1ST47 20049 1V8E1 1UYV9 20747 1Y959
    1YXA4 1UE89 1UGS3 1YZ50 1ZCN0 21476 1VYC7 1SY54
    1R8Z3 1W894 20765 1ZFM7 1Z830 1SAF5 1Z124 1RL86
    1XB50 1RSZ1 1UN27 1Z473 1X959 1Y249 1R6B2 1Y891
    1X330 1VSL7 20124 1Y923 1SG29 20060 1XBP3 1R5C8
    1R778 1Y537 1V517 1T3E2 1RC86 1RN38 1Z004 20087
    1YBZ0 21461 20247 1W400 1THQ1 1SMU4 1X968 1SQC7
    1W2S0 1TLC1 21204 1Z436 1XFF6 1UN40 1W3C6 21292
    21128 1T1G9 1U3G3 1WNH2 20948 1W134 1URT0 1VQH1
    1RFX5 1T8G7 1VPT6 21119 1R789 1YKY0 1X5W8 1WSN4
    20790 1UYV4 1QWS1 1VWT1 20528 1YJY0 1U1C6 1UAZ0
    1S157 21215 1T296 1TNF3 1YR77 1QUF0 1VN02 1UMK7
    21151 1SM95 1Z789 1RMP2 1X069 1UVZ2 1R813 1US49
    20827 20024 1Y0V2 1W091 1WP76 1X6S4 1VP54 21178
    21150 1QYE6 1V334 1SBK8 1SGJ6 1S7W6 20420 1S395
    21025 1QLA8 1YRM7 20638 1U8U6 1SVE6 1W820 1ZFH4
    1YF27 1V865 1S5X8 1TPG3 1T772 1USL2 1XVF9 21368
    21286 1SCV4 1STQ3 1TGN9 21052 1XTC4 1VZM8 1VR65
    1V7Y4 1S5U7 1S7F5 1YQE8 1ZEC0 1RGF3 1TH76 1VY72
    20266 1VN13 1W344 1XP56

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