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    Itt Canon Aircraft Parts List

    At Aerospace Orbit, part of the ASAP Semiconductor family, we are proud to do business with trusted and respected manufacturers like Itt Canon. Our strict No China Sourcing Policy allows us to promise that each part leaving our warehouse, aviation parts like KPT02A12-8P, CA3106E24-28SZB15, CA3100E14S-4SB01-09, CA3100F22-5SF80, KPSE00A10-6S, is from a legitimate source. We have over 3 billion aviation hardware components such as Circular, Industrial, , Circular Clamps Strain Reliefs, Circular-Housings in our unrivaled inventory, and every single one is available through our extensive supply chain. No matter how hard a part is to find, Aerospace Orbit will get it. To begin the purchasing process, submit an RFQ below.

      Part No NSN RFQ
      KPT02A12-8P NA RFQ
      CA3106E24-28SZB15 NA RFQ
      CA3100E14S-4SB01-09 NA RFQ
      CA3100F22-5SF80 NA RFQ
      KPSE00A10-6S NA RFQ
      KPT06F84S NA RFQ
      KJ6E20A35PN NA RFQ
      CA3102E36-5PB NA RFQ
      KPSE01B14-15S NA RFQ
      KPSE00E22-21PDN NA RFQ
      155351-1001 NA RFQ
      155405-1102 NA RFQ
      BKW4E305-0021F0 NA RFQ
      CA3102E32-7PBF80 NA RFQ
      CA3102E36-11PBF80-05 NA RFQ
      CA3100F20-3SB01 NA RFQ
      CA3108E12SA10S3F80A206 NA RFQ
      KPSE01B14-15SF42F0 NA RFQ
      KPT02A14-15SW NA RFQ
      CA00COME14S-7SBF80-44 NA RFQ
      155351-0001 NA RFQ
      RIKM7-31SL NA RFQ
      KPT02A22-36SX NA RFQ
      KPT02E10-98P NA RFQ
      KPSE00E18-32S NA RFQ
      KP581-10C NA RFQ
      CA3108E10SL-4SF166 NA RFQ
      CA3100E14S-4PB06 NA RFQ
      CA02COME20-27PBF80A176 NA RFQ
      192922-1310 NA RFQ
      KPSE00E16-8PDN NA RFQ
      405-39552-005 NA RFQ
      29908-01K NA RFQ
      KPSE01B12-10SW NA RFQ
      CA02COME20-29PBF80 NA RFQ
      KPT06B18-32PY NA RFQ
      BRP2-238-33S NA RFQ
      KPT02E10-6PEW NA RFQ
      18444 NA RFQ
      192900-0538 NA RFQ
      KPJ44330-44W NA RFQ
      KPSE00A14-5S NA RFQ
      155333-0000 NA RFQ
      KPT01E22-55PWF42 NA RFQ
      KPT02A8-4SW NA RFQ
      KPSE00E14-19SDZ NA RFQ
      BKW4E309-0031F0 NA RFQ
      CA3100F22-14P NA RFQ
      CA3106E24-28SZF80 NA RFQ
      CA3102E32A55SB NA RFQ
      192900-0419 NA RFQ
      KPT02A18-11PX NA RFQ
      CA3102E36-10SF80 NA RFQ
      CA3102E36-4PF80G47 NA RFQ
      15616 NA RFQ
      KPSE00E10-6SDN NA RFQ
      CA3100F22-1PF80 NA RFQ
      BKW3E206-0017 NA RFQ
      CA3102E36-15PF80A176 NA RFQ
      KPT06B14-19SF97 NA RFQ
      16084-00 NA RFQ
      KPSE00B16-26P NA RFQ
      KPT02A12-8PA206 NA RFQ
      155342-0000 NA RFQ
      KPSE00E12-3SDZ NA RFQ
      KPSE00E10-6PDX NA RFQ
      CA3102E36-5SXB04 NA RFQ
      KPT06E10-6SF31 NA RFQ
      KPSE00E22-55PY NA RFQ
      CA3102E32-6PXBF80 NA RFQ
      KPT06E12-10SF42F0 NA RFQ
      BNCJP2F55 NA RFQ
      701012-330 NA RFQ
      KPSE00E14-12SDZ NA RFQ
      192900-0633 NA RFQ
      CA3100E28-15SZF80 NA RFQ
      KPT06F8-4P NA RFQ
      17711-16 NA RFQ
      192900-0552 NA RFQ
      DESM-9S NA RFQ
      KPT06B24-61P NA RFQ
      155402-1101 NA RFQ
      351-F3-13 NA RFQ
      CA3108E10SL-4P NA RFQ
      16097 NA RFQ
      155323-1001 NA RFQ
      CA3106E24-5SZF80 NA RFQ
      BKW3E301-0083 NA RFQ
      505-9150-004 NA RFQ
      CA3102E36-10SBF80A176-05 NA RFQ
      KPT06J18-32PW NA RFQ
      CA3100E14S-2SXBA176F42 NA RFQ
      BUWEPSDWG64A7A114-7 NA RFQ
      CA02COME20-22SB01 NA RFQ
      CA3106E24-5SB02 NA RFQ
      KPSE01B12-10SZ NA RFQ
      CA3102E32A55SBF80 NA RFQ
      KPSE00E22-55SZ NA RFQ
      KPT06F8-4SF111 NA RFQ
      CA3102E36-15PBF80A176 NA RFQ
      KJLB25B46P NA RFQ
      RIK26-22-1BAN NA RFQ
      KPSE00E14-12SDX NA RFQ
      18047 NA RFQ
      DBM-13W3S-A191-A197 NA RFQ
      192926-0520 NA RFQ
      UA1076ALT1 NA RFQ
      KPT06B14-5PX NA RFQ
      KPT02A14-15SY NA RFQ
      DEU-9P-BB NA RFQ
      BNCJB8F55 NA RFQ
      RFK37-3-24C7-8 NA RFQ
      KPSE00B22-55S NA RFQ
      155345-1001 NA RFQ
      CA3106E24-5SBF80A232 NA RFQ
      CA02COME20-15SF80 NA RFQ
      CA3106E24-5SF85 NA RFQ
      CA3106E24-5SWBF80 NA RFQ
      BRS6-31 NA RFQ
      CA3108E10SL-4SF178 NA RFQ
      CA3106E24-2SF42 NA RFQ
      KPJ0E22B55PX NA RFQ
      KPSE00E14-19PF42F0 NA RFQ
      CA3106E24-5S NA RFQ
      KPSE00E10-6PDZ NA RFQ
      CA3102E32-7PBM03 NA RFQ
      KPT06B16-23PX NA RFQ
      155405-1101 NA RFQ
      KPJ7E22B55 NA RFQ
      KPT02A24-61SW NA RFQ
      KPT01E8-3S NA RFQ
      KPT02A16-26SA206 NA RFQ
      CA3102E18-12PA206 NA RFQ
      KM6-21-30SNMK2A101 NA RFQ
      CA3102E36A34SF80F0 NA RFQ
      KPT06B16-99SW NA RFQ
      18355CHANGEC NA RFQ
      KPJ44377-7 NA RFQ
      BKW4E303-0042 NA RFQ
      KPJ7E16B26LPN NA RFQ
      KPSE00E12-10PWDZ NA RFQ
      KPT02A18-11S NA RFQ
      KPSE01B18-11S NA RFQ
      KPT02A14-12S NA RFQ
      RLK57-22-1-1-4BANP0SW NA RFQ
      KPT02A20-24SX NA RFQ
      KPT06B20-39P NA RFQ
      KPSE00A16-26PF0 NA RFQ
      155334-1001 NA RFQ
      CA02COME20-11PB NA RFQ
      CA06COME18-1P-44 NA RFQ
      KPSE00E22-55SW NA RFQ
      KPT06J16-8P NA RFQ
      18519 NA RFQ
      CA02COME20-29PWBM29 NA RFQ
      DBM13W3SE NA RFQ
      KPT06D14-19P NA RFQ
      CA02COME20-3SF80F0 NA RFQ
      KPT02A20-41S NA RFQ
      BKW3E301-0085 NA RFQ
      KPSE00B24-61S NA RFQ
      KPT06B14-5S NA RFQ
      CA3102E32-7SB109F0 NA RFQ
      155402-1102 NA RFQ
      CA3102E36-5PB109 NA RFQ
      1E441-101 NA RFQ
      192900-0407 NA RFQ
      192990-1290 NA RFQ
      KPSE00A10-6P NA RFQ
      RFKL20-3-22C1 NA RFQ
      CA3102E18-11SBF80F0 NA RFQ
      BKW3E201-0072 NA RFQ
      KPSE00A12-10PW NA RFQ
      KPT02A14-19SW NA RFQ
      CA02COME20-4PBF80 NA RFQ
      KM0-21SL54PN NA RFQ
      192900-0403 NA RFQ
      KPT02A18-11SX NA RFQ
      155331-0000 NA RFQ
      KPT06J14-12P NA RFQ
      CA3100E14S-4SB02 NA RFQ
      CA3102E32A10PWBF80 NA RFQ
      KPT02A22-41SA71 NA RFQ
      CA3102E36-15SXBF80A176-05 NA RFQ
      CA00COME16S-1PBF80F97 NA RFQ
      CA3102E18-12PB NA RFQ
      CA02COME20-15PB NA RFQ
      CA3100F20-4SBF80A176 NA RFQ
      KPSE00E20-41SY NA RFQ
      RLK57-22-1-1-4BANP0SY NA RFQ
      CA3102E32A10SBF80 NA RFQ
      KPSE00E22-21PXDN NA RFQ
      CA3100F20-4SF80 NA RFQ
      CA02COME20-29P NA RFQ
      16209 NA RFQ
      CA3100F24-11SF80 NA RFQ
      KPT01F-10-6P NA RFQ
      KPSE00E18-32SF0 NA RFQ
      192900-0537 NA RFQ

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