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    Heinemann Aircraft Parts List

    At Aerospace Orbit, part of the ASAP Semiconductor family, we are proud to do business with trusted and respected manufacturers like Heinemann. Our strict No China Sourcing Policy allows us to promise that each part leaving our warehouse, aviation parts like HECE-5, AM3R-C3-LC97T-A-50-2, SM-A-838516-2, CE2-G3-AB-0010-02B, AM3R-A3-LC07D-AB-1-2 is from a legitimate source. We have over 3 billion aviation hardware components in our unrivaled inventory, and every single one is available through our extensive supply chain. No matter how hard a part is to find, Aerospace Orbit will get it. To begin the purchasing process, submit an RFQ below.

      Part No NSN RFQ
      HECE-5 NA RFQ
      AM3R-C3-LC97T-A-50-2 NA RFQ
      SM-A-838516-2 NA RFQ
      CE2-G3-AB-0010-02B NA RFQ
      AM3R-A3-LC07D-AB-1-2 NA RFQ
      AM2R-A8-LC07D-A-15-5 NA RFQ
      M556291-101 NA RFQ
      JA2SA12ED01WA52 NA RFQ
      AMI1-A3-A-0002-02E NA RFQ
      M556292-026 NA RFQ
      KD1-6 NA RFQ
      MS14102-6 NA RFQ
      AM1R-A38-AC07D-A-3-7 NA RFQ
      JA1S-A3-A-0030-02E NA RFQ
      CD3-A3-DU NA RFQ
      JA3S-T3-A-20-2E NA RFQ
      JA1S-D3-A-0015-02E NA RFQ
      148-90004 NA RFQ
      M819351-10L NA RFQ
      JA1S-A8-A-0002-10E NA RFQ
      AM1R-B2-AA97D-A52-75-2 NA RFQ
      JA2-T3-A NA RFQ
      70-109RR NA RFQ
      HECE-3 NA RFQ
      AM2R-B98-LC070D-C-10-2 NA RFQ
      KD1-10 NA RFQ
      148-90000 NA RFQ
      AM2R-D3-AC07D-A-15-2 NA RFQ
      AM1R-A3-AC07DA-60-3 NA RFQ
      T18RA50 NA RFQ
      AM2R-B98-LC07D-C-20-2 NA RFQ
      1101-1-G NA RFQ
      JA3S-T8-10-10H NA RFQ
      MSS3D NA RFQ
      MSS4D NA RFQ
      1123-4-J NA RFQ
      HECL-2/1 NA RFQ
      JA2S-D3-A-0020-03E NA RFQ
      AM3-Z370-2 NA RFQ
      148-90005 NA RFQ
      AM2-Z143-3 NA RFQ
      PVP3 NA RFQ
      SM-A-988733-14 NA RFQ
      AM1R-A3-AC07DA-15-2 NA RFQ
      2104-1-B7 NA RFQ
      CD1-B5-DJ NA RFQ
      T18RA50HSW NA RFQ
      AM1S-Z219-5 NA RFQ
      JA2-Z520-1 NA RFQ
      HECL-1/1 NA RFQ
      AM3R-C3-LA07D-A-4-2 NA RFQ
      AM2R-D3-LC07D-A-50-2 NA RFQ
      JA3S-C3-A-0015-02E NA RFQ
      JA1S-D3-A-0002-02E NA RFQ
      AM2R-A8-BJ07T-A-6-5 NA RFQ
      SM-A-838518-5 NA RFQ
      JA1S-A8-A-07R5-20H NA RFQ
      KD1-1 NA RFQ
      M556296-131 NA RFQ
      M390195-60 NA RFQ
      JA2-A2-A NA RFQ
      AM3R-C3-LA07D-A-40-2 NA RFQ
      PCRM-5W5W 2 OHM 5 NA RFQ
      JA1S-A8-A-0015-10E NA RFQ
      CE3-G3-AB NA RFQ
      AM1R-A3-AC07D-A-20-2 NA RFQ
      AM1515M6 NA RFQ
      110-1-F NA RFQ
      KD1-7 NA RFQ
      AM2R-A3-LC07D-A-60-2 NA RFQ
      AM2R-A2A2-LC07DA52-10-2 NA RFQ
      JA1S-A0-A-0020-OP-E NA RFQ
      AM3R-A98-LC07D-A-2-2 NA RFQ
      AM1R-A3-AC07DA-10-2 NA RFQ
      148-90002 NA RFQ
      JA1S-A8-A-0011-20-E NA RFQ
      CF2-G3-U002002A NA RFQ
      AM3-Z29-129 NA RFQ
      HECE-3x1.5 NA RFQ
      AM2R-A3-8-LC07D-A-1-8 NA RFQ
      SM-B-813283 NA RFQ
      JA2S-A38-A-0015-251H NA RFQ
      AM2R-A8-LC07D-A-5-4 NA RFQ
      JA2S-A3-A-15-2H NA RFQ
      1104-1-B7 NA RFQ
      HECE-2 NA RFQ
      JA2S-D3-A NA RFQ
      KD1-0.5 NA RFQ
      JA1S-T3-A-0007-03-E NA RFQ
      AM3-A3-A-0040-02E NA RFQ
      AM2R-D3-LC07D-A-15-2 NA RFQ
      JA1S-D8-A-15-10E NA RFQ
      KD1-12 NA RFQ
      AM2R-B3-LC07D-A-60-3 NA RFQ
      CD1-A3-DU NA RFQ
      AM12-30 NA RFQ
      JA3S-C3-A-0005-02E NA RFQ
      AM1S-D3-A0020-02E NA RFQ
      AM3R-A3-AC07D-A-15-2 NA RFQ
      JA1S-T3-A-0006-03-E NA RFQ
      AM2R-A3-LC07-T-L-3-2 NA RFQ
      JA3-225 NA RFQ
      CF3G3AB0020-01B NA RFQ
      HECE-5x1.5 NA RFQ
      M3901904-234 NA RFQ
      KD1-8 NA RFQ
      JA1S-A3-A-0010-02E NA RFQ
      AM2R-A8-LC07T-L-30-4 NA RFQ
      JA2S-D3-A-0015-03E NA RFQ
      JA1-A3 NA RFQ
      JA1S-T3-A-0005-03E NA RFQ
      NFS864003 NA RFQ
      AM1R-A8-AC07D-A-5-5 NA RFQ
      JA2S-T38-A-02R5-251H NA RFQ
      AM3R-A3-LC97D-A-80-2 NA RFQ
      AM3R-C3-LC07D-A-4-2 NA RFQ
      AM3-A3-A-0030-02E NA RFQ
      KD1-0.25 NA RFQ
      JA1S-B3-A-0005-02N NA RFQ
      PCL1 D3 3B D A 10 2 NA RFQ
      AM2R-A8-LC07T-L-50-4 NA RFQ
      AM3R-A3-LC07D-A-50-2 NA RFQ
      AM3R-A3-LC07D-A-75-2 NA RFQ
      JA2S-T8-L-0015-10F NA RFQ
      AM2R-D3-LC07D-A-20-2 NA RFQ
      KD1-2.5 NA RFQ
      AM1R-A8-AC07D-A-10-5 NA RFQ
      CE3-G3-AB0002-02B NA RFQ
      JA2SA12EB01WA52 NA RFQ
      AM3R-A3-LC-07-DA-15-1 NA RFQ
      AM3R-A8-LC07D-A-30-4 NA RFQ
      JA1S-B3-A-02R5-02N NA RFQ
      M55629-1-111 NA RFQ
      KD1-2 NA RFQ
      AM3R-A8-LC07D-1-30-4 NA RFQ
      MS21240-10C020 NA RFQ
      JA2S-T3-A-0030-02E NA RFQ
      AM2R-D3-LC07D-A-30-2 NA RFQ
      CD-2-A3-DU0020-01A NA RFQ
      JA1S-A0-02R5-OP-E NA RFQ
      AM1R-D3-AC07D-A-10-2 NA RFQ
      JA2S-Z226-1 NA RFQ
      AM3R-A8-LC07D-A-20-4 NA RFQ
      HECE-4 NA RFQ
      JB2S-A8-A-0020-10-E NA RFQ
      JA2S-A38-A-00R5-251H NA RFQ
      JA3S-C3-A-0010-02E NA RFQ
      AM1R-A8-AC07DA-30-5 NA RFQ
      JA3S-A8-A-0015-20E NA RFQ
      M556292-043 NA RFQ
      AM3-A8-A-002-010 NA RFQ
      MS211531 NA RFQ
      JA1S-T3-A-0013-03-E NA RFQ
      MSS5D NA RFQ
      JA3S-T38-A-0015-251H NA RFQ
      AM2R-B3-LC07D-A-30-2 NA RFQ
      AM1R-B98-AC07D-A-10-2 NA RFQ
      CF3-G3-AB-0020-02B NA RFQ
      AM3R-C3-LC07D-A-40-2 NA RFQ
      CF2-G3-U001002A NA RFQ
      148-90001 NA RFQ
      AM3R-C3-LC07D-A-25-2 NA RFQ
      AM1R-A3-AC07DA-5-2 NA RFQ
      AM2R-A3-LC07D-A-10-2 NA RFQ
      AM2R-A8-LC07D-A-30-4 NA RFQ
      AM2R-A3-LC07D-A-7.5-2 NA RFQ
      MVV34-14B NA RFQ
      AM1R-B3-AC07D-A-70-3 NA RFQ
      KD1-15 NA RFQ
      AM3R-A9-LC07D-A52-1-5 NA RFQ
      AM2R-B98-LC07D-C-5-2 NA RFQ
      AM3R-AB-LC07D-AB-1-2 NA RFQ
      M556295-124 NA RFQ
      AM1R-D3-AC07D-A-15-2 NA RFQ
      MD46-16MT NA RFQ
      KD1-4 NA RFQ
      JC2-B3-CB-A NA RFQ
      M556295-070 NA RFQ
      SM-C-632672 NA RFQ
      PAM12HKMG6-20 NA RFQ
      PCR-10-7.5 NA RFQ
      6020-22-41SN NA RFQ
      AM2R-A98-LC07D-A-15-2 NA RFQ
      AM3R-A8-LC07D-A-5-4 NA RFQ
      MA1S-V3-AB-01-D-A NA RFQ
      JA2S-A8-A-20-10H NA RFQ
      JA2S-Z329-4 NA RFQ
      HECE-8 NA RFQ
      JB1S-A3-A-0015-02E NA RFQ
      AM3-Z491-393 NA RFQ
      CF2-Z162-1 NA RFQ
      148-90003 NA RFQ
      JA4S-A8-A-0015-20E NA RFQ
      SM-A-838525-5 NA RFQ
      JA1S-V3-A-0020-03N NA RFQ
      HECE-8x1.5 NA RFQ
      JA2-C3-5 NA RFQ

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